Soak In Nourishment

Given the challenges we are all experiencing at this time, it is essential that learn how to find the nourishment that we need to replenish ourselves on a regular basis. The great news is that our everyday lives can offer us this nourishment – if we are paying attention.

Often this every-day nourishment is something we experience only in a fleeting way. The rich goodness of small moments of connection, love, kindness, care, joy, play, abundance or deliciousness can easily slip through our fingers. However, we can learn how to convert these passing experiences into lasting inner resources through the simple practice of RAIN.

RAIN stands for Recognise, Amplify, Investigate and Nourish – and it is practice that is easy and simple, yet surprisingly powerful. We can Recognise that a nourishing emotion is present for us, we can focus on feeling the emotion deeply and Amplify the experience with a few deep breaths, we can Investigate the unique sweetness of this particular experience for a few moments and reflect on it’s meaning for us. Finally we can Nourish ourselves by imagining that sweetness really soaking into us for a few more breaths.

When I practice soaking with RAIN with my two young sons Elliot and Zach they like to imagine their hearts as sponges and the nourishing emotion as a vibrant dye, visualising the goodness soaking into their ‘heart sponge’.

I invite you to play with the practice of RAIN to regularly let in the nourishment you need to replenish and rejuvenate.

If you want to learn more practices to uplift your working life, grab a copy of my book Self-Fidelity. RAIN is just one of many tools I share to WAKE-UP to your essential nature, LET BE the truth of who you are, LET GO of the things that weight you down an LET IN the nourishment you need to lift.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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