Bless The Largeness In You

All my life, longings lived inside me, rising up like nocturnes to wail and sing through the night.

Bless the largeness inside me, no matter how I fear it…

Sue Monk Kidd

I define self-fidelity as: the practice of being true to one’s essential nature.

Our essential nature combines the qualities of;


Self-fidelity is a commitment to the vibrant expression of these powerful qualities of our essential nature. It’s a rejection of the belief that we need to change who we are in order to be ‘enough’. Instead, self-fidelity is based on an understanding that meaning, joy, belonging and vitality flow from freeing ourselves from the traps of comparison, conforming and perfection to be true to our true selves and trust in our enough-ness.

Self-fidelity empowers us to rise above the restrictions of narrow roles and assumptions about how we ‘should be’ to explore the broad spectrum of possibilities that emerge from an awareness of both the immense power of our essential nature and the aspirations we hold for our one short, precious life.

The most common regret of the dying is not having lived a life that was true to themselves.

Our aspirations guide us towards the creation of a life that is aligned with our highest values and deepest longings. In times of struggle and disorientation, our aspirations serve as our north star. And, just like the stars in the sky, our aspirations may not always be in sight during our day- light struggles – we need to remember and reorient.

Self-Fidelity Practice To Play With This Week

The self-fidelity practice I invite you to play with this week (and perhaps every week) is give yourself permission to take a few quiet moments to reflect on the following  questions to reorient to your aspiration and notice what unfurls within you:

  • What are the highest aspirations I hold for my (working) life?
  • If I am way off course, what is my next best step to begin to gently course-correct?
  • In the week ahead, how might I bless the largeness in me?

Return to your longing. It will teach you everything.

Sue Monk Kidd

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