A new beginning

Mel – Melbourne, Australia

About four years ago, I hit an all-time low in my career.  At the time, I’d been in recruiting for twelve years across various different industries and organisations. I was really very good at recruiting – but I was also in a very real rut.  I was well-regarded in my profession and was consistently being rated as a high performer. But, I had lost my spark.  I was contemplating leaving my current organisation to find a recruiting role in another company, but my intuition told me that I would probably just encounter more of the same, no matter where I went.  Because I thrive when I am working with others and I am energized by being part of a team, starting my own business really did not feel like the right option for me either.

Then something happened that would change everything.

I was asked to manage the recruiting for some newly created roles for an Experience Transformation team that was being created by one of our new General Managers – Cassandra Goodman. Cassie was like a breath of fresh air to work with – authentic, full of energy and so much fun to work with. Our meetings never actually felt like ‘work’. One day, while we were discussing the type of candidate she is was envisioning in one of the key roles, when she suddenly looked at me wide-eyed and asked – “Hey – would you be interested in this role?”.  

The role had been created to design and rollout a new feedback system for customers and employees across a business unit that delivered support to elderly and vulnerable Australians. The aspiration of the role was to design a new approach to listening to both employees and customers based on the belief that we needed to take better care of our people in order to take better care of our customers. The role would focus on building the organisational capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback.

Cassie opened my eyes to the opportunities that the role offered me – a chance to harness my creativity, great communication skills and really strong people skills.  She pointed out all the expertise that I had to offer and the transferable skills I would bring to the role. She inspired me to imagine new possibilities, to back myself and to be courageous. Cassie helped me to see that I was so much more than my current job description. I left that meeting with a fire in my belly and a growing sense of excitement about the possibilities of being in a role that really lit me up – and harnessed more of my potential.

I made sure I was well-prepared for the interview process and, to my delight – I was successful in securing the role. A short while later, after navigating some tricky conversations with a few internal stakeholders who weren’t supportive of my move, I transitioned to the new role. 

For the first time in a long time, I had found a leader who really believed in me. And this had helped me to really believe in myself – and in my potential. I haven’t looked back. 

This is my third year in the role and the icing on the cake has been was receiving an “inspiring” performance rating – the highest performance rating you can get in my organisation. Only a handful of people achieve this rating each year.   I have learnt that with the right leader, the courage to back myself, and the freedom to harness my strengths – that I can achieve amazing things. Now that I am following my passion I can see that my potential is vast.  I’ve successfully designed and embedded a bespoke feedback system for a complex business that operates across multiple locations.  I’m highly regarded in my role and am often approached as an expert in feedback. 

I believe that we can all expand into our potential – it only takes one leader who truly sees you. One person who cares enough to support you to be brave and take that first step.  

This is just the beginning of a new career chapter for me.  I’ve proved to myself that I can do anything that I’m passionate about.  Today, my work really does light me up and most days it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all.  

I’m so excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

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