There is not one of you.
There is not one of me.

We all have a ‘core self’ and we all have many ‘parts’.

Sometimes our core self is in the drivers seats of our thoughts, choices and actions. In these moments we might feel calm, confident, connected, clear, caring, curious, playful, vital or creative.

And other times, we are hijacked by a ‘part’ of us. In these moments we can become disconnected from who we really are.

Problems arise when we are hijacked by a part that feels fearful, or frustrated, or anxious, or overly-judgmental, or rigid, or angry, or terrified or just downright pi$$ed-off.

A hijacking can be subtle or not-so-subtle.

Watch this short video and tell me – at what moment do you think this CEO is hijacked by a less empowered part of her?

My money is on the 50-second mark.

To lead others well we must first learn to lead ourselves.

Through practice, we can become the CEO of our inner team of ‘parts’ and  we build the capability to regain control of the wheel when we are hijacked.

Over time, our hijackings become less frequent, and less severe. And as a outcome, we do less damage.

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