My 8-year-old son Zach was recently asking me about my new book Being True.

I explained to Zach that my book is like a bridge. A bridge between the work of self-healing and the work of leadership.

He asked if it was like the Golden Gate Bridge.

My answer was no – not yet.

I explained that, right now, it’s more like a narrow suspension bridge.

One that perhaps only brave, big-hearted leaders will cross with me – because (while it’s safe) it’s probably not the right bridge for the faint-of-heart.

But, I explained that every pioneering leader who finds the courage to cross the bridge helps to make it stronger.

And that one day, I hope that the bridge will be as strong, and as well-travelled as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Are you a leader who believes that…

  • At our core, we’re all compassionate, connected, playful, courageous, creative, vital beings
  • When we feel free to be ourselves at work, we liberate our best qualities
  • Our past hurts block access to our core, inadvertently creating more hurt
  • To truly care for others, we must first learn how to truly care for all parts ourselves – including our injured parts
  • Unacknowledged, hidden injuries and trauma in leaders can be a safety hazard (because hurt people hurt people)
  • The messy, yet essential inner work of self-healing is the pathway to true leadership

If your answer is ‘yes!’, will you help me?

By buying a copy of Being True and being an ambassador for the principles and practices it contains, you are building a much-needed bridge between self-healing and leadership.

Buy your copy here.

I would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all the brave, big-hearted leaders out there who are doing the inner work – and to the leaders who have supported me and The Centre for Self-Fidelity. I am so very grateful for your courage and for your companionship.