So many of us are at war with ourselves.

And there are many who encourage this fear-fuelled inner fight.

I am not one of them.

Engaging in daily hand-to-hand combat with imagined ‘enemies within’ is corrosive to our wellbeing and to our souls.

Your ego is not the enemy.

Yes, we all have inner ‘parts’ that are protective, judgemental, petty, immature and extreme.

But if we trust in our own goodness, we can learn how to see past their bravado, and help them to play more helpful roles in our inner worlds.

We have no ‘bad’ parts. All our parts, no matter how extreme or misguided, are driven by an intention to keep us safe and connected.

If we wave the white flag and begin to care for our parts in the way they need to be cared for, our inner experience transforms from a battleground and into a healing space.

There is too much fear and fighting in the world around us.

Let’s choose to find peaceful resolution to our inner tensions and turmoil.

True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not okay and needs protection. This is done by constantly remembering that you are the one inside that notices the voice talking. That is the way out.”

Michael A Singer

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