So many of the psychological injuries inflicted on people at work happen because leaders have lost touch with the truth of who they are.

So many leaders are burdened with deeply buried injuries of their own.

And it’s these old injuries that can cause us to behave in ways that are unkind, cold, cruel, harsh, hyper-vigilant, competitive, discriminatory, controlling, judgmental, insecure or extreme.

There is so much unacknowledged trauma walking the halls of workplaces every day.

And this is a safety hazard because hurt people hurt people.

Here is the inconvenient truth: Until we learn how to care for all the different ‘parts’ of ourselves, we cannot properly care for others.

As more leaders find the courage to do inner work to heal the parts of themselves that feel abandoned, hurt, afraid and alone, more workplaces become safer spaces for everyone.

My new book Being True shares 5 powerful principles and 5 practices that support us to heal the inured parts of ourselves.

Here are the 5 principles:

  • Belonging comes from being true to yourself
  • Self-abandonment happens little by little
  • Being yourself requires knowing yourself
  • You have a core and many parts
  • Being true to yourself takes playful practice

Here are the 5 practices:

  • Discovering your inner team
  • Understanding the key players
  • Caring for your parts
  • Remembering who you are
  • Harnessing your essence

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