I recently facilitated the final group coaching session for the first cohort of leaders to complete my new program “How to Be True to Yourself at Work”.

What a joy it has been to facilitate these weekly conversations with this group of inspiring leaders.

As part of the session we reflected on how we have each put what we have learnt  into practice.

It was so wonderful to hear about the unique ways each leader had played with more vibrantly embodying the truth of who they are – at work and at home.

One of the program participants practiced remembering her confidence. She focused on noticing when less confident parts of herself were activated  – and on gently reminding herself that “confidence is here”.

She shared that a friend had noticed the shift in her remarking “You’re different!” to which she replied “No, I’m not different, I’m just being more myself. I feel freer to be me.”

I believe that now more than ever, we must reconnect to the truth of who we are as a catalyst for the co-creation of workplaces where people can thrive, perform and belong.

While the pilgrimage of figuring out how to honour the truest expression of who we are is deeply personal in nature, there can be so many benefits to travelling in the company of others. I established The Centre for Self-Fidelity to connect, support and inspire a growing global community of self-fidelity pioneers. One of my greatest joys is facilitating honest conversations with like-minded, big-hearted leaders united in their desire to be true to themselves, and give others permission to do the same so that workplaces become safer spaces for everyone.

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‘The work of tending to my mental health can feel quite lonely. Your group coaching program has helped me to realise that I am not alone. As a result, I am far more motivated to keep going with putting small changes into practice.’

Kate Jarvis, Climate Finance Specialist, Asian Development Bank


‘I completed Cassie’s Leadership Development Program over a year ago and it has had such a lasting impact on me. An even more powerful catalyst was the small, simple changes I made. I now refer to these as an effortless snowball of transformative practices connecting me with my true self.’ 

Sally Pedlow, Head of People (Pharmacy & Compounding), Icon Group


‘Your program provides a great framework that helps us to be true to ourselves. I discovered that even if we work in high pressure environments, we can still be playful and bring joy! Thank you! I would highly recommend your program to other leaders.’

Dr Nadia Chaves, Infectious diseases and general specialist


‘I loved reading your book but participating in your program has taken my understanding of what it really means to be true to myself to a whole new level.’

Melissa Buckingham, People Experience Designer, Leapgen