One of the books that inspired me to establish the Centre for Self-Fidelity was “Crossing the Unknown Sea – Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity” by David Whyte.

Here is how David explains what is required of us if we choose to embrace work as an opportunity to really figure out who we are and how we best serve the troubled world we inhabit:

“Maturity and energy in our work is not granted freely to human beings but must be adventured and discovered, cultivated and earned. It is the result of application, dedication, an indispensable sense of humour, and above all a never-ending courageous conversation with ourselves, those with whom we work, and those whom we serve.”

I love this idea of “adventuring and discovering” and the invitation to engage in “never-ending courageous conversations with ourselves”.

When we find the support and courage to look deep inside and understand the meaning we have attached to past experience, it becomes possible to create new meaning that better reflects the truth of who we are today.

As a leadership coach, I am humbled by the opportunities I have to guide and bear witness to the life-changing self-discoveries leaders can experience.

Time and time again, I have seen that a single gentle, yet precise coaching conversation can begin to lift heavy, life-long patterns.

It all starts with the will and the skill to have courageous conversations with the parts of ourselves that we have been ignoring, suppressing or denying.

Those looking for true transformation dig deep and find the courage to begin to embrace the most scared and vulnerable parts of themselves – unlocking the playfulness and curiosity required to sustain the adventure of self-discovery.

If you are ready to adventure within, please reach out to learn more about my coaching offering.

“Cassie is a master at creating and holding space for her clients. This is so rare today in our full and busy lives. This space is always free of ego, striving, hustle or expectation – it is truly a space for you to discover your best self.” JASMINE MALKI, OD Manager, Coaching Client

“Cassie is an authentic and intuitive coach. The power of Cassie’s approach comes from her extensive real-world leadership experience, the depth and breadth of her toolkit and her refusal to be bound by the dogma of any one discipline.  Above all, Cassie cares deeply for those she serves – without reservation or judgement.” – BILL SHEFFIELD, Chief People Officer, Coaching Client

If you are on the path from self-betrayal to self-fidelity and might benefit from a little guidance and support, click here to see how I can help.