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Waking Up To A Brighter Perspective

Every moment of every day, our thoughts (our beliefs, assumptions, judgements, biases and prejudices) shape the way we experience life. Our…

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Understanding Your Essence

Human nature expresses itself through you in a unique way. If our shared human nature is like water, your essence is like a one-of-a-kind…

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Serving the Greatest Good

When I manage to turn down the volume on those pesky voices in my head, and tune into sensing that deeper, wiser part of myself - I am far more…

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Finding Your North Star

he most common regret of the dying is not having lived a life that was true to themselves. Our aspirations guide us towards the creation of a…

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Dropping the Rope

By clinging to what we think should be, we resist what is – often manufacturing our own suffering and stress. This form of unhelpful clinging…

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Becoming a Self-Fidelity Practitioner

Suppressing our essential nature is like trying to hold a beachball underwater – it’s wobbly and exhausting. As the pressure builds, the…

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