Put down the weight of your aloneness, and ease into the conversayion.

David Whyte

There are lots of opportunities for you to ease into the conversation and discover the life-changing practice of self-fidelity.

Come along to one of my upcoming events to connect with like-minded pioneers and illuminate your unique pathway to trusting in your enough-ness and growing into your full potential.

I also offer customised half-day or full-day workshops and retreats for teams and organisations.

Reach out to explore the possibilities

Mini-Retreat for Working Women

Melbourne, Sunday May 16th

If you live in Melbourne, treat yourself to a super nourishing min-retreat.

This three-hour mini-retreat will take place in a beautiful space in Albert Park.

Come along to give yourself the space to reconnect to the truth of you you are and connect into a growing community of self-fidelity practitioners.

There are only very limited places available, so if this experience sounds like something you would benefit from – grab yourself a ticket.


I hope to see you there!


EXPERIENCE an engaging, uplifting workshop facilitated by the creator of Self-Fidelity, Cassandra Goodman

LEARN a range of easy-to-apply practices to experience more joy, vitality and freedom at work (and in life)

RECIEVE a signed copy of Cassandra’s book Self-Fidelity, a copy of the Self-Fidelity Playbook, access to my private LinkedIn group for self-fidelity pioneers PLUS a goodie-bag

CONNECT into a community of like-minded pioneers.

This experience was fantastic. It resulted in a real shift within me. I now feel a new sense of resolve and empowerment to create a working life that really works for me. Thank you!

“Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed both at work and at home. I wasn’t calm – I noticed it and so did my husband. Now I feel I can change it.”

“I have realised today that the pace at which I am living is not sustainable, and it isn’t making me happy. I am now inspired to edit my life – unapologetically! Your workshop was BRILLIANT – thank you!”

FREE Self-Fidelity Workshops (on Zoom)

I offer FREE monthly workshops to support people to establish their own self-fidelity practice.

These workshops are held on Zoom at 9:30 AM AEST on the last Friday of every month.

I hope to see you there soon!

Cassandra’s self-fidelity workshop explores a 4-step process of how we can reconnect with our true self and step into our power to benefit all areas of our life. The interactive format was engaging, enabling participants to share experiences whilst creating greater self-awareness and paving a way forward.

Agnes Valcanis, CFO

For too long we have laboured under mythical beliefs about work – including what is expected of us and how we are suppose to behave. Cassandra’s self-fidelity workshop challenged my own beliefs and highlighted to the the ways in which I have development myself based on the expectations of others.

Mark Silveira, Managing Director

Get yourself along to one of Cassie’s self-fidelity workshops. They offer nourishment for the soul and a new approach to reaching your full potential.

Melissa Buckingham, Employee Experience Leader

Cassie has packaged something essential in a very practical and useable way. Her concept of self-fidelity and her pillars of Waking Up, Letting Be, Letting Go & Letting In capture the essence of how to thrive in challenging times.

Clair Edwards, Facilitator, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

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