You have been conditioned your whole life to ‘fit-in’.

Perhaps you have learnt to ignore or suppress the inner whispers that tell you to just be yourself.

Deep down, you yearn for your uniqueness to be appreciated, your imperfections to be accepted, your vulnerability to be respected and your potential to be given the space to stretch out.

You want to be seen – really seen.

You want to grow, to unfurl.

We all do.

Yet, very few people have a practice that helps them to understand and appreciate their own uniqueness, accept their imperfections, inhabit their own vulnerability and embody the fullness of their potential.

It is very rare to meet a leader who really knows and deeply trusts themselves.

The inconvenient truth is this:

For the world to believe in you – first you must believe in you.

For others to trust you – first you must deeply trust yourself.

Where can you start?

You start by committing to the simple, yet life-changing practice of self-fidelity.

In the words of Seth Godin: “When we adopt the posture of commitment, something extraordinary happens: The lessons get more profound and useful. The questions asked get more specific and urgent. The connections that are made get deeper.”

By committing to the practice of self-fidelity, you will begin to uplift your (working) life by empowering yourself to:

  • RELEASE what feels heavy
  • REKINDLE your inner fire
  • RECONNECT with your essential nature
  • REMEMBER your enough-ness

Self-fidelity is a simple yet powerful practice of remembrance and reconnection. It’s a refusal to internalise the machine paradigm by remembering that we are unique, interconnected, vital, vulnerable beings – not resource pools of interchangeable, controllable, separate components to be optimised, re-arranged and depleted.

 The practice of self-fidelity is an invitation to consciously create a working life that honours our humanity and nourishes our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. A working life that supports us to better serve our colleagues, customers, friends and family. A working life that works in harmony with our other big loves and the delicate ecosystems we inhabit. A working life that tumbles and brings forth the brilliant jewels buried deep inside of us.

The practice of self-fidelity invites us to rediscover ourselves and to remember over and over again that everything we need is already inside of us, that our main task is to let go of   the things that weigh us down. The practice of self-fidelity continuously rekindles, celebrates and honours a commitment to our most important and only truly enduring relationship – the relationship we have with ourselves.

When you commit to the practice of self-fidelity you can expect to transform your relationship with yourself, your relationships with those you lead and your relationships with those you love – by cultivating trust from the inside out.

Restore faith in yourself, and the sky really is the limit.

Self-fidelity Practice to Play With 

The small (yet mighty) self-fidelity practice I invite you to play with this week is to ask yourself the following question, get quiet, connect with your inner wisdom and listen deeply to sense a response:

How might committing to the practice of self-fidelity empower me to unfurl?


We are not cabin dwellers, born to a life cramped and confined; we are meant to explore, to seek, to push the limits of our potential as human beings.

Eknath Easwaran