We are in the tense in-between. The messy middle.

The legacy paradigm of ‘customers (and profits) first’ is dying and a new paradigm is emerging and gathering momentum.

This new paradigm of business is based on the understanding that the only way to truly take care of our customers (and shareholders) is to finally begin to truly take care of our people – and the planet we all live on.

Each and every one of us have vital roles to play in allowing the legacy paradigm to dissolve with dignity and the emerging paradigm to rise with grace.

We can build bridges between the old and the new.

We can illuminate new possibilities.

We can show kindness towards those who feel they must cling to the status quo.

We can remember to pull up out of content and into context to find common ground.

We can share the stories that unite and embolden us.

We can a little dig deeper to find the courage to shed what no longer serves us.

We can use our voice, even when it would be so much easier to keep quiet.

We can respectfully challenge the structures that constrain, dull and diminish our individual and collective potential.

We can help others see that so much of the way we work make no sense at all – and begin the work of co-creating something better together.

We can come back to curiosity as an antidote to polarisation.

We can try harder keep our hearts open, even when the risk of heartbreak is real.

We can honour our well-being non-negotiables to cultivate strength and resilience.

We can protect the space we need for reflection, learning and growth.

We can practice restoring faith in ourselves and each other.

This week, I invite you to ponder the question: What roles will I choose to play at this tine?


We will need a gathering of the potentials of the whole human race and the particular genius in every culture if we are going to survive our time.

Jean Houston