If I had to encapsulate all the benefits of a self fidelity practice in one word, that word would be uplift.

My self-fidelity practice uplifts my working life in so many ways.

It uplifts my mood in the morning because as I think about my working day ahead, I experience a sense of positive anticipation.

It uplifts my mood at the end of the day because when I reflect on the value I have created and how I have served, I feel happy and fulfilled.

It uplifts my performance because it gives me practical ways to connect to my wisdom, courage and creativity – and to my most positively powerful ways of being.

It uplifts my relationships because it supports me to be present and stay connected to my compassion and kindness in moments that matter.

It uplifts my vitality because it helps me to honour my non-negotiables – even when the voices in my head are trying to persuade me to make choices that are corrosive to my well-being.

It uplifts my long-term financial security because I know I could keep on doing (and improving) the work I do today for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years without being at risk of burnout.

It uplifts my spirit because it guides me to choose work that is life-enhancing, not soul-destroying.

These are just a few of the ways my self fidelity practice uplifts me.

Uplift is generated when the answers to the below questions are in alignment with who you are being and how you have spent your energy.

This uplift is generated when there is alignment between the working life we long for and the working life we are living.

Of course it is not possible to be fully aligned all of the time, but the more we can move towards alignment, the more uplift we will experience.

Self-Fidelity Practice to Play With

The self-fidelity practice I invite you to play with this week is to find a peaceful place to sit for 30 minutes with a pen and some paper and work through the below question set.

It does not matter how out of alignment you are right now, the answers to these questions will illuminate your path towards greater alignment and uplift.


What are my highest aspirations for my working life?

To what extent am I in alignment with these aspirations?


How might my work serve the greatest good?

To what extent am I in alignment with my path of service?


What is most important to me?

To what extent am I in alignment with my values?


What are my most important beliefs – what do I know for sure?

To what extent am I in alignment with my beliefs?


How do I want to feel?

To what extent am I in alignment with my most positively powerful ways of being?


What are the my best qualities, as a human being?

To what extent am I in alignment with my essential nature?


Who am I being when I am being most myself?

To what extent am I in alignment with my essence?


What one small change can I make this week to move towards greater alignment?


Your lifelong task is to grow, deepen, and evolve yourself as a member of this living world. We all need a practice to recall to ourselves, moment to moment, and remind us of the person we want to be.

Carol Sanford