Our essential nature as humans encompasses the qualities of clarity and confidence.

As our core, we all contain the potential to be clear and confident. We have all experienced moments in life when both these powerful innate qualities were on full-beam.

So why do we also experience so many moments of confusion and self-doubt?

It’s because we all have parts of us that block or distort the expression of our essential nature. These parts can often feel afraid, insecure, frantic, unworthy or avoidant – or sometimes all of these things!

When our less-empowered parts are in the drivers seat of our thinking and choices, we don’t have full access to our capacity to be confidence and clear.

I recently found myself in a real muddle in relation to my business development strategy for the year ahead. I found myself feeling quite frantic and confused about the activities I should be investing my time in to create new work opportunities.

One morning, I was convinced that I should design and launch a new group coaching program. The next day, I was sure that I needed to focus on finding podcast and speaking opportunities. The day after that, I was planning how to write my next book.

Needless to say, it was an exhausting and disorientating few weeks.

Then something happened that created clarity – and accessing that clarity unlocked access to my confidence.

The thing that happened was having a coffee with some fellow small business owners at my CoWorking space. Over coffee, I was asked a simple yet powerful question: What do you do and who is your dream client?

I learnt so much from the answers I heard myself give.

What do I do? I empower leaders to activate more of their potential at work, so they can co-create workplaces where people and performance can thrive.

Who is my dream client? My dream client is a CEO, Chief People Officer or HR Director at a medium-sized company who needs deep support over an extended period to develop leaders, uplift culture and ensure psychological safety for their people. This will probably be a company who can’t yet afford to appoint a full-time Employee Experience Executive but needs extra bandwidth in 2022 to co-create and embed a market-leading employee experience & employee well-being strategy.

Now that I am clear, I have the confidence to put my dream ‘out there’ and take steps towards make the dream a reality – one of which was to write this blog post!

Embodying our essential nature, we are empowered to choose what we do, and how we do it with clarity, confidence, freedom and integrity.


This week I invite you to reflect on these burning questions:

What sort of work lights you up?
Who would you love to do this work with?

Be sure sure your share your answers with at least one other person!


Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
Wayne Dyer