James Clear recently wrote: “It’s a daily battle to be yourself, not merely what the world wants of you.”

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of battling.

In fact, I am DONE.

What if we had a more uplifting alternative to a daily battle?

What if there was a daily practice that gently yet powerfully tethered us to the truth of who we are? A daily practice that empowered and enabled us to show up as the best version of ourselves more often.

A practice that enabled us to not only love what we do – but also who we’re being while we do it.

This is exactly what the practice of self-fidelity offers us.

Self-Fidelity is the practice of being true to one’s essential nature.

You can practice yoga to reconnect with your body, or practice meditation to reconnect to your inner wisdom.

Now, you can practice self-fidelity to restore faith in yourself.

Self-fidelity Practice To Play With

When I wrote my first book Self-Fidelity, I wrote the below vow to myself.

This week I invite you to reflect on what your version of a self-fidelity vow might include.

I promise to love and honour myself in good times and in bad, for better and for worse, for richer or poorer.

I promise to trust in my worthiness, understand the brilliance of my uniqueness, keep my heart open, and give my creativity space with lightness and play.

I promise to serve with love, nourish my vitality and allow myself to rest.

But above all else, I promise to keep remembering all of this every time I forget.


“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true nature”

William James