My upcoming book Being True shares the powerful principles and practices that support us to honour our true nature while taking good care of our many different ‘parts’.

The more I share these practices with my clients, the more I am blown-away by how they can uplift our working lives and transform the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

In thinking about the different ways leaders can apply these practices to feel more aligned with their true nature, I asked the question: What do leaders really want to feel less of at work right now?  The answer that emerged very clearly was: We want to feel less overwhelmed. 

And so, I have developed a new ‘bonus’ evidence-based practice that combines many different elements of my upcoming book.

This practice empowers you to get from overwhelm to OK in six simple steps.

In my last post I shared Step 1 : How does overwhelm feel?

Now, we’ll learn Step 2.

How to Rescue Yourself

Step #2: What are my go-to thoughts in moments of overwhelm?

We all experience moments of overwhelm differently – in terms of how we feel, what we think and what we tend to do.

Now that you’re more familiar with how you feel when you are experiencing overwhelm, the next step is to become more aware with the thoughts you think.

To do this, simply get curious about what you tend to think (or say to yourself) in moments of overwhelm.

Here is some of go-to thoughts my coaching clients identified by paying close attention to their inner dialogue in moments of overwhelm:

  • I can’t handle this
  • This is hopeless
  • There’s no end in sight
  • I’ve f#@ked this up
  • I’m done with this
  • Quit and run!
  • It’s going to be like this for ever and there’s just no possible way I can cope with it
  • Kill me now

Over the next week, at work and at home do you best to pay attention to your inner experiences of overwhelm. What thoughts do you typically think? What do you typically say to yourself?

Remember, the more familiar you become with your inner experience of overwhelm, the more empowered you become to rescue yourself.

Next week I will be sharing Step 3, which is both surprisingly simple and surprisingly powerful. So, stay tuned!

I would genuinely love to hear about what you discover as you begin to play with this next step of the practice. You can reach me at

As leaders today, we all experience moments when it all just feels like too much. Cassandra teaches a simple yet powerful practice to rescue ourselves in moments of overwhelm. It’s precise yet gentle. It works. That’s why I call Cassandra the ‘overwhelm whisperer’.
Kate Jarvis, Climate Finance Specialist

Don’t believe everything you think.
Byron Katie