My upcoming book Being True is a guide to reconnecting to your core while taking good care of your many different ‘parts’.

In thinking about the different ways leaders can apply the principles and practices I share in my new book Being True, I asked the question: What do leaders really want to feel less of at work right now?  The answer that emerged very clearly was: I want to feel less overwhelmed. 

And so, I have developed a new ‘bonus’ evidence-based practice that combines many different elements of my upcoming book.

This practice empowers you to rescue yourself in moments of overwhelm.
It will get from overwhelmed to OK in six steps.

Over the last few weeks, I have shared the first 5 steps:

Now, we’ll learn Step 6: Remembering & Practicing

Whether you’re a Team Leader, a Thought Leader or a CEO, we all experience moments of emotional overwhelm. Sadly, in these moments, we so often abandon, numb or suppress vulnerable, valuable parts of ourselves, at the very moment when these parts of us most desperately need us to care for them.

As we find the courage to care for our overwhelmed parts, we naturally begin to relate in a healing way to ourselves and to other people.

Through committed, compassionate practice, our inner relationships deepen and we become the trusted leader of all our parts.

As our parts experiences our care, they begin to trust that things go better when we (our core, most empowered self) are in charge. Over time, we can build a harmonious, well-resourced inner alliance.

The tricky part of course, is in the remembering.

When we are in a state of emotional overwhelm it is really easy to forget all about the fact that we have ‘parts’ and that we have a reliable practice in our toolbox to take care of our overwhelmed part.

And so, I have created a simple, brain-friendly prompt to increase the likelihood that you’ll remember to apply this practice in moments of overwhelm – SOS.

SOS is a handy memory-jogger for the three key elements of this practice: Sense, Open, Soothe

S – SENSE : Am I emotionally overwhelmed right now?

ASK: What am I feeling? What am I thinking?

O – OPEN SPACE : Separate from your overwhelmed part

SAY/THINK: Part of me is overwhelmed.

S – SOOTHE : Reassure your overwhelmed part

SAY/THINK: Your OK. We’re OK. It’s OK (or whatever words of reassurance that work best for you)

By learning how to take better care of all the different parts of ourselves, we learn how to take better care of all others.

It is my sincere hope that the experience of learning and playing with my Overwhelm Survival Guide has given you a greater sense of inner resourcefulness, and perhaps even planted the seed of a new, empowering belief: If I can remember to apply this practice, I can rescue myself when it all just feels like too much.

I encourage you to keep SOS-ing in moments of overwhelm. Continue to refine and adapt each of the steps to make them your own. I hope that the SOS practice is something you find yourself coming back to, over and over again.

And if it works for you, please to share it with others!

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