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By Cassandra Goodman

The practice of self-fidelity supports you to reconnect to your true nature and to your abundant natural inner resources. You can empower yourself reimagine your working life. This book will be your guide.

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5 reviews for Self-Fidelity

  1. Naomi Simson, Founder RedBalloon

    “Self-Fidelity guides us through challenges to be true to ourselves. Cassandra does not claim that the journey will be easy, but if we are prepared to do the work – our efforts will be rewarded. You will get to live in your own skin very comfortably. If you choose one book this year – choose one for yourself, that may well be Self-Fidelity.”

  2. Professor Alex Christou, Managing Director, Thrive Global Asia Pacific

    “Self-Fidelity is a must read for anyone seeking to not only succeed, but also to thrive”

  3. Dr Stuart Brown, Founder of The National Institute for Play

    “The self-examination and awareness that is so deftly encouraged in Self-Fidelity leads to the discovery of your true, authentic self. This book provides the keys to unlocking a more engaged and fulfilling life.”

  4. Richard Miller, Chief Executive, The Ethical Money Company

    “This is the book I’d been waiting for! Cassandra delivers a timely and insightful guide for navigating modern working life that is affirming and uplifting, yet also practical and grounded. ‘Know thyself ’ said the ancients. Self-Fidelity guides us to a place where we might just love thyself. Find the courage to read this book; you will not regret it.”

  5. Audrey McGibbon, Psychologist

    “While the world drowns in a sea of self-help and professional development books, Self-Fidelity leaps out as something profound, fresh, and fundamental. Cassandra provides an outstanding set of compass points to help you find your own unique ways of thriving in a challenging world.”

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