The concepts of Self-Fidelity translate beautifully into powerful leadership programs and transformative group learning experiences.

Uplift is my signature group coaching program that supports people to create and embed their very own self-fidelity practice. This program is for you of you are ready to discover your very own version of authentic empowerment alongside a group of like-minded pioneers.

This program blends live group coaching sessions (on Zoom) with self-paced reflection and learning.

Participants are guided through six learning modules:

FOUNDATIONS – Laying the groundwork to empower and enable your success

WAKING UP – Remembering the truth of who you are

LETTING GO – Releasing the things that weigh you down

LETTING IN – Restoring the vitality and energy you need to lift

 LETTING BE – Reconnecting to your most positively powerful ways of being

INTEGRATION – Effortlessly embedding your self-fidelity practice into the flow of your life

“This program has been life changing. It has helped me see where I am in control of changing the impact environmental factors have on me. It has also empowered me to tackle things that have previously felt overwhelming.”  

Briar Harte, Senior Manager, CX Design

“This program has been a life-enhancing experience. Anyone seeking balance and more control over their life can’t help but benefit from learning about self-fidelity.” 

Pip Macdonald,  Client Engagement Manager, Monash Talent

“This program has given me permission to work in ways that honour my kindness and curiosity. It has also  inspired me to take action to make my job more engaging and meaningful. I have also learnt the power of ‘soaking’ in the good. Learning how to soak in the good has improved my confidence.”  

Emma Kovac, Customer Advocacy Lead, Australian Unity

This program has been enlightening. I felt cared for and supported every step of the way. You brought a sense of lightness and a playfulness to the learning experience that enabled me to take action to improve aspects of my working life that had previously felt so heavy and overwhelming. I now know how to ‘change the lens’ in moments that matter, and ‘turn down the volume’ on my inner DJ’s when they are playing the equivalent of death metal in my head! Thank you for helping me to renew my connected to my essential nature.

Mia Elliott,  Change Management Specialist

“This program has helped me to overcome some deeply ingrained thoughts that were holding me back. It has empowered me challenging these thoughts, allowing new experiences to unfold. I am now able to navigate through life more positively. I’m excited to continue learning and discovering more about myself through the practice of self-fidelity!”  

Melissa Buckingham, Customer Experience Lead, Australian Unity

“Practicing self-fidelity has confirmed the value we can all bring to our workplaces when we show up as ourselves at work. A self-fidelity practice is the permission many of us seek to be truly included at work. When we allow ourselves to be included, we start to see the true magic of belonging play out and our organizations’ thrive.”

Jasmine Malki, Head of People & Development, Grattan Institute

I am now taking enrollments for the next public offering of Uplift.

Reach out to learn more and secure your place

Program will commence August 2021


The Connected Leadership Program is best delivered through a series of masterclasses supplemented with group coaching and one-on-one executive coaching to enrich, explore and embed learnings. It can be delivered in person or 100% virtually and can be custom-designed to meet the needs of your unique organisation.

I love co-creating powerful learning experiences for leaders to suit the unique needs of my clients.

Reach out to explore the possibility of bringing the Connected Leadership Program to your organisation

“The Connected Leadership Program is a rich soup of no nonsense self-discovery and personal enrichment. This program connects all the dots and has truly enabled me let go of things that get in the way of me being the best leader I can be. It has created a platform to build trust and increase psychological safety. If you want to create a greater sense of empowerment, improved organisational agility and collaboration – this program is for you”.

Bill Sheffield, Chief People Officer

The Connected Leadership program was an amazing experience of awareness and growth for our leadership team. There has been such positive feedback and new connections made.

Katrina Clark, L&D Manager

“Thank you for all you have given to me, personally and professionally, and to the people of Westfund. You’ve empowered us to thrive by being able to bring our true selves to work – what a wonderful gift!”

Blair Newman, People & Culture Leader, Westfund Health Insurance


Restore is my half-day or full-day retreat. This experience is designed to support leaders to restore trust in themselves and others through the practice of self-fidelity. Learn more here.

This experience was fantastic. It resulted in a real shift within me. I now feel a new sense of resolve and empowerment to create a working life that really works for me. Thank you!

“Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed both at work and at home. I wasn’t calm – I noticed it and so did my husband. Now I feel I can change it.”

“I have realised today that the pace at which I am living is not sustainable, and it isn’t making me happy. I am now inspired to edit my life – unapologetically! Your workshop was brilliant– thank you!”

Are You Being True To Yourself? Use my Reflective Enquiry Tool to find out.

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