Whether you’re a Team Leader, a Thought Leader or a CEO, we all experience moments of emotional overwhelm. Sadly, in these moments, we often abandon, numb or suppress vulnerable, valuable parts of ourselves, at the very moment when these parts of us are most desperately in need of our care.

I often ask leaders the question: What do you want to feel less of? The answer that regularly emerges is: I want to feel less overwhelmed. So, I have created a guide that teaches an evidence-based self-fidelity practice we can use to rescue ourselves in moments of overwhelm.

This guide will show you how to rescue yourself in moments of overwhelm.

The more you apply this practices I share in the guide, the less time you’ll spend down in the murky, lonely depths of overwhelm with the qualities of your true nature out of your grasp.

Over time, you’ll cultivate greater confidence in your ability to stay afloat and to take good care of yourself (and all your different ‘parts’) in moments of overwhelm.

More and more, you’ll begin to trust that you can get through challenging moments without having too numb or abandon parts of yourself.

“As leaders today, we all experience moments when it all just feels like too much. Cassandra teaches a simple yet powerful practice to rescue ourselves in moments of overwhelm. It’s precise yet gentle. It works. That’s why I call Cassandra the ‘overwhelm whisperer.”

Kate Jarvis

Climate Finance Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

“As someone who suffers from menopausal depression and gets overwhelmed easily these days, it can be easy to want to run away. You have reminded me how important it is to label and embrace my inner experiences. You helped me to realise I’d been lashing out at the negativity inside me, rather than an accepting it. Your practice has supported me to identify the part of my body where I’m feeling overwhelmed, acknowledge it, hug it – and breathe through it..”

Sarah Bruce

The Reinvention Strategist