Living Well

I often remind myself (and my coaching clients) that experiencing high levels of stress and struggle does not automatically mean that we can’t feel and function well.

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Your Inner Manager

We all have a ‘part’ that feels it has to manage our lives in a way that keeps the most vulnerable parts of us safe.  It is possible to appreciate and befriend your ‘inner manager’ and help it find a healthier, more sustainable role to play in your life.

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Die Empty

Are you on track to dying with your very best work out in the world?. When we find the courage to give the very best of ourselves to our most important work, truly extraordinary things happen.

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Illuminating Invisible Constraints

Coaching facilitates the illumination of the invisible constrains that hold us back. New awareness brings new choices and the opportunity to assertively claim what we need to thrive and live a (working) life that uplifts us and those we care most about.

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Room To Grow

The very best virtues of humanity express themselves through each of us in a unique way. It is up to each of us to take empowered action to ensure we have room to unfurl into our fullest expression.

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Why You’re Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Many of us have deeply-held beliefs that get in the way of us putting our own oxygen mask on first. Often they are some version of the dangerous mirage that if I can do enough and have enough, then I will finally feel like I am enough.

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Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption is about being both aware and discerning about what we eat, drink, watch, read and listen to. Being conscious about what we consume supports us to grow and maintain our inner resources.

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Doing Good Work With Good People

We all have the right to do good work with good people and to create a working life that uplifts us and those we care most about. Sometimes we just need help to find the courage to exercise this right.

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Self-fidelity Vs Authenticity

Something I am often asked (and often find myself pondering) is the question: What is the difference between self-fidelity and authenticity? The practice of self-fidelity ACTIVATES, AMPLIFYS and ENRICHES the concepts of authenticity.

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Harmony & Heartbreak

When our work is also our calling, and just one of our ‘big loves’, we will experience moments of very real heartbreak. And that’s OK.

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Believing You Have Nothing To Prove

Learning how to trust in our own enough-ness and worthiness can transform our lives and support us to assertively claim what we need to thrive. Releasing ourselves from the burden of the belief that we are not enough can uplift our working lives.

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Soul Erosion

Preservation of the human spirit at work depends on our individual sense of awareness and connectedness to a deeper, unquantifiable, enduring part of ourselves – however we describe and define it. Does your work feed your soul?

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Gardening Your Stories

We can all practice pulling the weeds, planting flowers and nourishing the soil of our ‘inner gardens’. In this post, I invite you to ‘garden your stories’ by becoming more aware of the stories that drain your vitality.

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Reflective Inquiry Tool

In this post I share my brand new Reflective Inquiry Tool. This tool guides you through 30 carefully crafted questions that will illuminate an answer to the important question “Am I being true to myself?”

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Integrity: Words = Actions

This idea of only preaching what you already personally practice is simple, yet powerful. And, not always easy.

This week I share four simple questions that will illuminate your path back to integrity.

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The Courage of Your Convictions

The simple, yet powerful capability of having the courage of your convictions is vital for all leaders today, and yet (in my experience) it’s something that is rarely discussed. You can’t draw courage from your convictions unless you are clear on what they are.

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Letting Go of the Shore

This week I invite you to play with the idea of calling of your search for your ‘new normal’.

What new possibilities might emerge if you were to learn how to trust in your innate ability to sense, learn and respond to whatever happens next?

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Upward Spiral

If I had to encapsulate all the benefits of my self fidelity practice in one word, that word would be uplift. In this post, Generate more uplift in your working life by creating more alignment.

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Your Parts

Yesterday, I ran a self-fidelity mini-retreat here in Melbourne. During the event we played with exploring our parts using nested-doll sets. Many of the participants shared in their feedback forms that this exercise was really insightful and helpful.

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Transforming Secrets Into Struggles

One of the core elements of the practice of self-fidelity is Lettering Go of the things that weigh us down. We can all put down the burden of a big secret and transform it into a big struggle by sharing it with just one trusted person – with one kind soul.

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Hi, I’m Cassandra Goodman, Founder of The Centre for Self Fidelity. I created the practice of self-fidelity after struggling for decades to figure out how to be true to myself. I believe that restoring faith in ourselves, and each other has the potential to uplift life. I started the Hello Monday Morning blog to give generously and give often to a growing global community of self-fidelity pioneers. My short weekly posts share small yet mighty self-fidelity practices to make your working week feel lighter and brighter.

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