Integrity: Words = Actions

This idea of only preaching what you already personally practice is simple, yet powerful. And, not always easy.

This week I share four simple questions that will illuminate your path back to integrity.

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The Courage of Your Convictions

The simple, yet powerful capability of having the courage of your convictions is vital for all leaders today, and yet (in my experience) it’s something that is rarely discussed. You can’t draw courage from your convictions unless you are clear on what they are.

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Letting Go of the Shore

This week I invite you to play with the idea of calling of your search for your ‘new normal’.

What new possibilities might emerge if you were to learn how to trust in your innate ability to sense, learn and respond to whatever happens next?

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Upward Spiral

If I had to encapsulate all the benefits of my self fidelity practice in one word, that word would be uplift. In this post, Generate more uplift in your working life by creating more alignment.

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Your Parts

Yesterday, I ran a self-fidelity mini-retreat here in Melbourne. During the event we played with exploring our parts using nested-doll sets. Many of the participants shared in their feedback forms that this exercise was really insightful and helpful.

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Transforming Secrets Into Struggles

One of the core elements of the practice of self-fidelity is Lettering Go of the things that weigh us down. We can all put down the burden of a big secret and transform it into a big struggle by sharing it with just one trusted person – with one kind soul.

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Little Cassie

We all have the ‘parts’ inside of us that want us to play small or keep us protected and safe. By getting to know these ‘parts’ we can get better at staying in the drivers seat of our lives and growing into our full potential.

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Bless The Largeness In You

Self-fidelity empowers us to rise above the restrictions of narrow roles and assumptions about how we ‘should be’ to explore the broad spectrum of possibilities that emerge from an awareness of our immense power, our essential nature and the highest aspirations we hold for our one short, precious life.

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Burning Questions

Burning questions have the power to ignite new ways of being, burn what no longer serves us, Illuminate new thinking and generate energy to rise. By finding the courage to uncover the most truthful answer to a burning question, we illuminate our next best action to move towards greater presence, acceptance, belonging and freedom.

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You’re a Good Egg

You really are a good egg. We all are. Discovering this truth can be life-changing. The journey of uncovering your essence is life’s greatest adventure and your greatest gift to the world.

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Don’t Be a Bonsai

We can all take steps towards living into a fuller expression of our potential.

In this post I share ten simple, yet powerful questions that will help ensure you don’t wake up one day and realise you have become a bonsai-sized version of yourself.

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You Are The Seed, Not The Husk

We live in a world that is constantly trying to convince us that who we really are is somehow inconvenient or inadequate. In order to protect ourselves we assemble masks and armour. Over time, these layers of external ‘husk’ thicken and harden. The threshold to a self-fidelity practice is remembering that you are the seed and not the husk.

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You want to be seen – really seen. You want to grow, to unfurl. We all do.   Yet, very few leaders understand and appreciate their own uniqueness, accept their imperfections and inhabit their own vulnerability.

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Believing In Your Enough-ness

Remembering our worthiness is an ongoing practice. Learning to accept all of ourselves supports us to think we are worthy, and to feel worthy. We feel worthy when we remember our enough-ness.

As we de-couple our sense self-worth from false external measures such as our status, achievements, credentials and material possessions – we begin to appreciate and amplify our uniqueness essence.

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Exploring Inner Space

Only through the exploration of our inner space can we begin to grow into the fullness of our individual and collective potential. Only through the exploration of our inner space can we restore our faith in our own capacity to be a force for good.
Only through the exploration of inner space can we access our inner wisdom.

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Waking Up To A Brighter Perspective

Every moment of every day, our thoughts (our beliefs, assumptions, judgements, biases and prejudices) shape the way we experience life. Our thinking acts like a kind of lens that colors the way we perceive the world around us, shaping the way we show up in the world.

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Understanding Your Essence

Human nature expresses itself through you in a unique way. If our shared human nature is like water, your essence is like a one-of-a-kind snowflake. Understanding your essence is the key to activating your full potential.

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Serving the Greatest Good

When I manage to turn down the volume on those pesky voices in my head, and tune into sensing that deeper, wiser part of myself – I am far more likely to show up in ways that are aligned with my values and my deepest desire to be caring and kind – towards myself and others.

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Finding Your North Star

he most common regret of the dying is not having lived a life that was true to themselves. Our aspirations guide us towards the creation of a life that is aligned with our highest values and deepest longings. In times of struggle and disorientation, our aspirations serve as our north star.

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