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Fill Your Cups

We all know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. But did you know we all have 7 cups we need to fill to stay well?

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Being Wonder-full

So many of us have forgotten how it feels to be full of wonder. The world has hardened our hearts. We can all practice reconnecting to our sense…

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Asking For What We Need

Why do so many of us struggle to ask for exactly what we need? Perhaps this is something we can learn from children.

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What Makes You Feel Alive?

When we courageously create (and co-create) tethered to our essence we feel uplifted and alive. What do you yearn to do, despite the possibility…

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A Better Tomorrow

We all have a part of us that wants to numb after a difficult day. This awareness can empower us to take better care of ourselves and set…

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Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption is about being both aware and discerning about what we eat, drink, watch, read and listen to. Being conscious about what…

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