Authentic Leadership Blog by Cassandra Goodman

The Caterpillar Pillar

The belief that we need to go it alone goes against the grain of our true nature, making it impossible for us to thrive.

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Choosing Self-Care over Self-Protection

When we choose self-care over self-protection, we can find the courage to care, even when it's hard.

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Learning How to Rest

I have a part of me that finds it really hard to rest but the more I practice, the easier rest becomes.

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Refusing To Battle

I don't know about you, but I am so tired of battling. In fact, I am done. The practice of self-fidelity offers an uplifting alternative.

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Who Decides?

We are conditioned to believe that our 'success' is dependent on other people's assessments of us. But what if we reclaimed the power to decide…

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Seeing Afresh

So many aspects of our working lives make no sense at all if we look through fresh eyes. How might you be the architect of a working life that…

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