Authentic Leadership Blog by Cassandra Goodman

Firing Up Your Life Force

We must take full accountability to build the foundation of vitality that underpins everything we do and everything we are.

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Being Hijacked

To lead others well we must first learn to lead ourselves. We must become the CEO of our inner team of 'parts'.

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Being Fully Yourself

True power comes from within. When you're being fully yourself, what sort of person are you empowered to be?

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The DJ’s in your head

We all have many 'parts'. You can think about your parts as you inner DJ’s to feel more authentically empowered.

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The Tricky Business of Being True

Being true to ourselves is tricky business. In this post I share what makes it so challenging.

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The Volcano in My House

I recently put pen to paper and wrote a sh#tty first draft of the book I wish I could read to my kids.

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