I am guided by an aspiration to meaningfully contribute to the creation of workplaces where people and performance can sustainably thrive.

I can be spotted on the streets of Melbourne cruising between lively conversations on my bright red push-bike (don’t worry Mum, I normally wear my helmet).

“Cassandra is an authentic and intuitive coach, advisor and facilitator. The power of Cassandra’s approach comes from her extensive real-world leadership experience, the depth and breadth of her toolkit and her refusal to be bound by the dogma of any one discipline. Above all, Cassandra cares deeply for those she serves – without reservation or judgement.

Bill Sheffield, Chief People Officer


I have enjoyed a long and successful leadership career having spent over two decades leading teams both in Australia and overseas in large multi-national organisations, including GE, Origin Energy and Bupa.

At Bupa, I held the role of Global Director of Employee Experience & Wellbeing and was responsible for the activation of their purpose “Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives” for 86,000 employees around the globe.

More recently, I have worked with a range of organisations including; Holden, Mirvac, NSW Department of Transport, Vic Water, Only About Children, SAP and Westfund as a coach, co-creator, facilitator, speaker and strategic advisor.

In addition to running my own business, I am also a Thrive Global Executive Coach and Facilitator and a Circle In Advisory Partner.


I co-create and deliver extraordinary leadership programs that empower leaders to reconnect to the truth of who they are and to those they serve.

“The Connected Leadership Program was an amazing experience of awareness and growth for our leadership team.”

I support leaders to restore trust in themselves to create sustainable high performance by stepping into their full potential and inspiring others to do the same.

Cassie is a master at creating and holding space for her coaching clients. This space is always free of ego, striving, hustle or expectation. It is truly a space for you to discover your best self.

I co-create thriving organisational cultures that activate human potential by; teaching people about their essence, illuminating cultural norms, harmonising values, embedding well-being and building the capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback from employees and customers at scale.

Cassandra is an unbelievably rare talent. She makes a positive difference wherever she goes. She fearlessly drives cultures of health and wellbeing for colleagues and customers. She is ‘growth mindset’ personified, with capacity to keep the context of ‘a beginners mind’ despite her extensive commercial acumen.

Culture and brand are two sides of the same coin. I show organisations how to deliver great customer and commercial outcomes by underpinning them with great employee experiences – to create sustainable high performance.

Cassie is a gifted employee, customer experience consultant and coach with the ability to inspire, motivate and support her clients to achieve high level strategic objectives associated with business transformation.


Please reach out so we can have a no-strings-attached conversation about the possibility of co-creating new value together.

+61 (0)400 232 019

I bring an undefended heart to our meeting place, I have no cherished outcomes, I will not negotiate by withholding.

Celtic Prayer of Approach

Are You Being True To Yourself? Use my Reflective Enquiry Tool to find out.

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